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Why I will never hate Muslims.

Why I will never hate Muslims.

In light of the recent events in Canada I’ve been consumed with a fear, but not a fear the majority holds, I’m not scared of all that is Islam. I’m consumed with a fear of the reactions or overreactions of the majority, I’m consumed with a fear that comes from the realization that people, the vast majority of people are puppets the vast majority have let the media and government build tiny houses of hatred in their hearts, and as each wall goes up and new tools of propaganda are used, a new puppet is born.

I’m deeply saddened by how quickly hatred can be built In hearts that otherwise were so pure, hearts of Canadians, humanitarians, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives and husbands, people who love their families and love their country. I watch the hatred the racism, the ignorance and the fear building, the fire growing, the houses of anger built in all of your hearts getting bigger and bigger, fear is the strongest tool they have and they are using it to their full advantage. I watch in disbelief as my friends, my family are taken over by this immense hatred, until I can’t take it anymore I want to scream “WE ARE HUMAN!” Can we not recognize that anymore?

These are extremists using The Qur’an and killing in its name, these are radicals home grown radicals and Muslim radicals alike. There have always been extremists using religion to further their own agenda. The tragic endings that were bestowed upon our Canadian soldiers were just that tragedies, executed by mentally unwell men who saw an opportunity to act on their dark desires in a way they felt was justified in the Qur’an. Despite the tragic circumstances I hope we as humans can rise above hatred and racism and see the bigger picture. I hope before accepting hate before accepting racism you take a good hard look at why your overflowing with intolerance, look at who ignited it and why this spark was ignited in you. Educate yourself before condemning an entire culture an entire race, don’t just hate Muslims because the media and the government told you to hate Muslims. Fill your hearts with understanding and compassion and your brains with knowledge don’t leave room for the propaganda and fear.

The true north “strong and free” is what we are, is what we truly want to be, but how can we be strong and free when our minds and hearts are controlled to feel and think how the media wants us to feel and think. Don’t accept what the media tells you to think, don’t just blindly accept the small bombs that have been planted in your hearts and your brains, that explode whenever the media feels like flipping the fear switch. We are Canadians and to me that means I am a gentle, good, accepting person who cannot be swayed by fear, and I will continue to be that person, because I would rather be that person then someone filled with hate and fear, I will continue to tear down the walls they try to build in my heart with reason and education. I will continue to defuse the bombs before the media changes everything that I am. I will not let fear guide me and I will not let uneducated opinions spread through my veins like wildfires.

I’m sure many people will be angry at me for not being angry, but I’m not and I never will hold any angst for Muslims. I am however angry that we are being used as puppets to further justify the war in Iraq, to further justify the killing of innocent Muslims, who are being dehumanized and demonized so you can swallow the pill of innocent lives being lost. It sounds eerily similar to the tactics that hitler used, doesn’t it?

Crystal Styles.