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“The last nerve”

“The last nerve”

Today has been one of those days you know? one of those days you find yourself uttering the words “your getting on my last nerve” more often then you would care to admit, I don’t know why I think those words hold any weight in the minds of my kids, it’s not like the “last nerve” is some critical component of my genetic make-up and without it there would be an inevitable “jenga effect” resulting in my spontaneous combustion…. one of those days you fantasize about running away but can’t even run away in your own head without hearing the six year old and the seven year old fighting about if the blanket smells like “Nanny’s” or if it smells like “soap” Or the two year insisting her point that “scary cows” DO live in the house next door and say “moooooo” to her as she walks by, the dog chewing on your pants and the cartoons blaring at absurdly loud volumes, The dirty laundry basket is about to erupt, the mess being made while you peel potatoes and carrots for supper is going to take ANOTHER hour to clean, now the dog is whining at the door, and you trip over the 2 year who was rolling around the floor!

One of THOSE days the “last nerve” quote on repeat kind of days. So after countless failed attempts to control this feels like an eternity kind of day, I’m going to have to surrender to it, close the curtains and take off my glasses so I can’t see the mess, and snuggle with these little people until they seem less like evil demons sent to drive me crazy and more like the beautiful children that bring tears to my eyes and fill me with pride, the children I love.