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Recipe for invisible shackles.

Recipe for invisible shackles.

A very simple yet effective recipe to create invisible shackles for a large population of people without them even realizing they’ve been shackled.

1. Tax the people on the money they make to their breaking point, making them work more leaving them exhausted and easier prey.

2. Charge them interest on the loans they need for vehicles and houses in order to work a job and pay the taxes that prevent them from having large savings creating a dependency on the banks.

3. Incorporate another way to gauge money disguised as a mortgage “insurance” thats paid by the people to protect the bank, which “allows” people (for a sizeable fee of course.) with less then 20% down on a house to purchase (for a fee+interest of course.) a home to live in to continue to work their jobs and pay their taxes, which ironically probably prevented them from saving 20% of the purchase price of a home in an already extremely overvalued/overpriced housing market in the first place.

4. Then pass out credit cards at 20% interest rates, while the media flashes images of happy faces using revolutionary, life-altering, must-have products to people that are already heavily in debt, depressed and seeking any form of happiness they can get.

5. When the people are depressed, angry and frustrated blame the poor and foreigners for taking all the tax money.

My oil field man.

My oil field man.

It’s a way of life in Newfoundland,
Deer lake airport has become his second home throughout the years,
My selfless husband devotes his time, sweat, blood and tears,
Ultimately sacrificing his life to a seismic crew and the Oilsands of the Mainland,

He works holidays, birthdays, Christmas day, fathers day and more,
He works everyday, from sun up to sun down,
Spending months in a work camp without seeing a town,
Spending months working, until his body is tired, worn and sore,

He has endured tornadoes in the blistering desert heats of Oman,
Endured the extreme colds of Alberta and Alaska which left frostbite on his fingers and arms,
His days tattoo his skin and his heart with scars,
Yet, my oil field man stands strong and treks on,

He has climbed sand dunes and rugged terrains,
While praying vipers, scorpions, wolves, cougars and bears, wouldn’t see him there,
Throughout it all never thinking life is unfair,
Throughout it all my oil field man never complains,

Because, although he has given the oilfield his time and most of his life,
Although seismic has borrowed his body and mind,
Every time he leaves, his heart is left behind,
Every time he leaves his remaining part is kept safely until his return, by his children and his wife.