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Goodbye Halloween candy.

Goodbye Halloween candy.

It’s hasn’t been a week since Halloween and the three pillow cases of candy have seriously diminished in size. Looking at those half empty bags really highlights my need to start eating healthy again. I’ve gained five pounds and the kids are just not accepting that a candy fairy snuck in throughout the night and could only use candy to build her tiny little fairy town, for her tiny little fairy babies. Times like these I wish I wasn’t raising them to think before they believe everything. Last year I was on a health kick, exercising, eating quinoa, drinking ungodly amounts of water and smoothies everyday, you know all that healthy stuff you’re supposed to do. I’ve since fallen into this unhealthy eating cycle, again. I can feel it taking a toll on my body, I feel generally sick all the time, I don’t have energy, my skin is bad, and I don’t sleep well. Of course, that last one could be due to the two year old who decides half way through the night she’s going to sleep crossways in the bed and kick mommy in the face, and ask for her “sucky” twenty times a night, because it fell out of her mouth while she was busy kicking mommy in the face… I mean sleeping, or the fact she wakes up screaming saying Matthew punched her, Jenny bit her or Maya pulled her hair (They even fight in their dreams). It could very well be an effect of any one of those scenarios, but for now I’ll chalk it up to my unhealthy eating habits.

My husband isn’t going to like the comeback of quinoa flax muffins. (Which he lovingly renamed “shit tarts”) and the kids aren’t going to be happy about the replacement of Their beloved Greco pizza with cauliflower pizza, but those half eaten bags of Halloween guilt are not going to justify themselves, the sugar highs are getting out of control, and these extra pounds aren’t going to evaporate. So goodbye Halloween candy it was good while it lasted but you just can’t stay here.