Recipe for invisible shackles.

Recipe for invisible shackles.

A very simple yet effective recipe to create invisible shackles for a large population of people without them even realizing they’ve been shackled.

1. Tax the people on the money they make to their breaking point, making them work more leaving them exhausted and easier prey.

2. Charge them interest on the loans they need for vehicles and houses in order to work a job and pay the taxes that prevent them from having large savings creating a dependency on the banks.

3. Incorporate another way to gauge money disguised as a mortgage “insurance” thats paid by the people to protect the bank, which “allows” people (for a sizeable fee of course.) with less then 20% down on a house to purchase (for a fee+interest of course.) a home to live in to continue to work their jobs and pay their taxes, which ironically probably prevented them from saving 20% of the purchase price of a home in an already extremely overvalued/overpriced housing market in the first place.

4. Then pass out credit cards at 20% interest rates, while the media flashes images of happy faces using revolutionary, life-altering, must-have products to people that are already heavily in debt, depressed and seeking any form of happiness they can get.

5. When the people are depressed, angry and frustrated blame the poor and foreigners for taking all the tax money.

About crissynf

I am a Canadian mother of three, four if you count the dog! a SAHM, a wife to a man who works in the oil field, whose job finds him in interesting places all over the world for extended periods of time, which equates to me being home with the kids for extended periods of time. I am also a recovering addict (three and a half years clean) a chapter of my life I'm not proud of but I've learned not to be ashamed of either. It is a chapter of my life that overlapped into the early years of my first two children's lives and for that I will be eternally sorry. The lessons I learned in the recovery process and the new appreciation that I have gained for life throughout recovery have been invaluable to me. When I'm not tending to the needs of three monkeys I can be found... Who am I kidding? I can always be found tending to the needs of three monkeys. I started a blog primarily and simply because I love to write, I needed a place to vent, explore, and maybe make sense of this parenting gig with other mothers and like minded people. It was also an attempt for me to resuscitate this failing mommy brain that I seem to be suffering from. I enjoy writing this blog, and I enjoy reading other blogs I guess it gives me a sense that we are "normal" and we are doing ok. There is a comfort in knowing that others think and feel the same way. Being a SAHM brings with it a certain isolation factor that divides us from the adult world, so a connection to other mothers through blogging is a welcome preoccupation. Hopefully someone stumbles upon this blog and enjoys reading it!

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