The morning time trap.

The morning time trap.

Why do mornings seem to defy the logics of time? In the morning it seems like all things tangible and intangible are set to “slow motion” even the kettle takes longer to boil. I have a bit of a control issue, so I like to think that I can do things or not do things to take control of a situation. So I try and be as prepared as I can be for the morning routine with the kids. I pour their cereal into their bowls with a paper towel over the top, and cut up some fruit the night before. I place their clothes in their rooms, and place mine in the washroom. Maya’s hair buckles and earrings are placed by her place-mat, and the kids lunch bags are in the fridge ready to go. I even put sugar and coffee in my mug and place it by the kettle. I do all this because if done at 6:30PM it takes three minutes whereas, if done at 6:30AM it takes twenty-three minutes, and opens the floodgates to the lurking reservoir of chaos, that will strategically place dominos throughout my day, destined to topple one at a time quickly gaining momentum, and precedence as each chaotic episode fuels the next. Which, will undoubtedly start with me leaving the house with my shirt on inside out, and backwards, the two year old will still be in pyjamas, the older children will forget their lunches, the dog will miss her morning walk and I won’t have time to drink my coffee (you don’t want to know what’s lurking in the “mommy had no coffee” reservoir.) So being prepared is my only defence against the impending chaos that looms around the corner which results from this slow motion time lapse we experience each morning.

I don’t know if everyone’s mornings share this strange phenomena. Maybe it’s just my house that is seemingly afflicted with a riff in the time continuum that only takes place in the early morning hours. For today though, the riff has been eluded, the metaphorical floodgates have been shut, and the chaos has been kept away. Which in turn allowed us to take a non-metaphorical walk chaos-free down by real flood gates, while taking advantage of this captivating November day!

About crissynf

I am a Canadian mother of three, four if you count the dog! a SAHM, a wife to a man who works in the oil field, whose job finds him in interesting places all over the world for extended periods of time, which equates to me being home with the kids for extended periods of time. I am also a recovering addict (three and a half years clean) a chapter of my life I'm not proud of but I've learned not to be ashamed of either. It is a chapter of my life that overlapped into the early years of my first two children's lives and for that I will be eternally sorry. The lessons I learned in the recovery process and the new appreciation that I have gained for life throughout recovery have been invaluable to me. When I'm not tending to the needs of three monkeys I can be found... Who am I kidding? I can always be found tending to the needs of three monkeys. I started a blog primarily and simply because I love to write, I needed a place to vent, explore, and maybe make sense of this parenting gig with other mothers and like minded people. It was also an attempt for me to resuscitate this failing mommy brain that I seem to be suffering from. I enjoy writing this blog, and I enjoy reading other blogs I guess it gives me a sense that we are "normal" and we are doing ok. There is a comfort in knowing that others think and feel the same way. Being a SAHM brings with it a certain isolation factor that divides us from the adult world, so a connection to other mothers through blogging is a welcome preoccupation. Hopefully someone stumbles upon this blog and enjoys reading it!

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  1. Hello (Chrissy?), Firstly I want to thank you for following my blog. It is great fun Blogging, but the best thing is to meet (albeit virtually) people like you, people to whom I can totally relate.
    You have no reason to know this but I am also a Mother of three but now my three are all grown and left home to make their own places in the world (and if you think this phase is hard you don’t want to even think about the time when all their bedrooms are empty).
    But I think three kids are hard to manage and you just have to be a slight control freak to keep sane. Also don’t worry about the Mummy Brain, it’s natural and it will clear in time. When my youngest started school I started a University course – the brain cleared enough for me to get a first class degree and a Masters – so don’t worry as the control freakyness helps to make you a better students/employee/wife (whatever comes next). This phase of your life feels like it moving slowly but when you look back you’ll find it was all too short.
    And by the way a big congratulations to you for doing all this and for keeping your demons at bay!.
    I will definitely follow you back and look forward to reading how your life pans out. With very best wishes from Sheila xx


    • Thank-you. It is a great part to blogging when you can connect with others, I have been learning that everyone is human and we all have some of the same experiences. Yes, you are right, no matter how hectic it seems now, when those rooms are empty I will be one very sad mother! Congratulations on your getting your degree and a masters! That’s amazing! Thank you for the congratulations as well, it was a hard road to get rid of those demons, but I would never go back to that place now. I look forward to reading your posts as well! All the best, Crystal. 🙂

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