Halloween for the kids brings with it the whirlwind of excitement that accompanies copious amounts of sugar, dressing up as their favourite character, and a free pass to roam the streets at night screaming and telling people to smell their feet! Our day started off as a “normal” day, Maci (the two year old) woke me at 6am to complain about Jenny (the 6 month old german shepherd) snoring too loud. Since my husband (Paul) left for ALaska 4 weeks ago Maci has been sleeping in my bed instead of her own (which is in my room next to my bed.) and Jenny has been sleeping in Maci’s bed (snoring loudly!). Anyways.. we got up at 6am, got Matthew (the seven year old) and Maya (the six year old) breakfast and brought them to school. On the way to school myself and Maya had a conversation about why it’s not appropriate to say “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, if you don’t, I don’t care I’ll pull down your underwear.” after some huffing and puffing she agreed to remove “I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear” from the equation.

So we got the kids off to school, returned home did some random everyday things, cleaned, got lunch, snacks, rode around the house on a pretend horse, had coffee with a friend, was asked to give Maci a hug while she used potty (which happens way to often!). Watched Frozen for the 9,678,456,783’Th time, broke up a few fights between Maci and Jenny, and got the treats and costumes all ready for when the kids got home from school.

When the kids got home I figured we would have an early 4pm supper so they could get ready and get to the trick-or-treating, I’m not sure why I even made supper because apparently chocolate and chips and whatever else made it into their all-the-candy-you-can-shove-in-your-mouth-A-THON left no room for salmon and carrots! But it’s one day, they can have their one day of sugar, tomorrow it’s back to salmon!

Now Maleficent, Olaf and Minecraft Steve were ready to hit the streets! Matthew and Maya kept leaving their sister behind, and got into a fight while knocking on a door, Maya blurted out the “underwear thing” a couple times, Maci was jumping up and down saying “I love candy!”, But they did say thank-you to everyone, no one got seriously hurt other then a few tumbles for Maci, and everyone came home happy!

About crissynf

I am a Canadian mother of three, four if you count the dog! a SAHM, a wife to a man who works in the oil field, whose job finds him in interesting places all over the world for extended periods of time, which equates to me being home with the kids for extended periods of time. I am also a recovering addict (three and a half years clean) a chapter of my life I'm not proud of but I've learned not to be ashamed of either. It is a chapter of my life that overlapped into the early years of my first two children's lives and for that I will be eternally sorry. The lessons I learned in the recovery process and the new appreciation that I have gained for life throughout recovery have been invaluable to me. When I'm not tending to the needs of three monkeys I can be found... Who am I kidding? I can always be found tending to the needs of three monkeys. I started a blog primarily and simply because I love to write, I needed a place to vent, explore, and maybe make sense of this parenting gig with other mothers and like minded people. It was also an attempt for me to resuscitate this failing mommy brain that I seem to be suffering from. I enjoy writing this blog, and I enjoy reading other blogs I guess it gives me a sense that we are "normal" and we are doing ok. There is a comfort in knowing that others think and feel the same way. Being a SAHM brings with it a certain isolation factor that divides us from the adult world, so a connection to other mothers through blogging is a welcome preoccupation. Hopefully someone stumbles upon this blog and enjoys reading it!

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  1. That sounds almost like my Halloween in some ways. Although my little girl was so excited about candy she ran off someone’s porch and tripped down four stairs. Kids are nuts with candy in their system.


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